Support First Responders And Look ‘BRRRRTTTiful’ With This A-10 Warthog Mask And T-Shirt

You’ve never seen a mask like this! Show your love for the mighty ‘Hog while also giving back to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

byTyler Rogoway|
A-10 photo


We at The War Zone and our partners at are super excited to offer our BBBbbbbrrrrrrrrrrttttifully awesome 'Hog's Breath' A-10 Warthog themed face mask and a reissued special edition of our super popular 'Hog Wash' t-shirt! But here's the best part, all of the proceeds that The War Zone makes from both items, as well as a portion of the proceeds that Blipshift makes, go to help first responders and their families fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic. That's right! We have teamed up with the First Responders Children's Foundation. So, like the Warthog, you will help support the grunts on the front lines with your purchase. 

Here's what the First Responders Children's Foundation has been up to in order to help our heroes fighting the tireless battle against our common microscopic enemy:

  • Funded more than 12,946 hotel room nights and meal stipends so first responders don’t have to go home and risk infecting their families and / or can self-quarantine.
  • Awarded more than $4.19 million in grants to 3,053 first responders in all 50 states who have had financial hardship due to COVID-19.
  • Distributed more than 400,000 FDA-certified, surgical-grade masks to first responders through the Mask Project without disrupting the supply chain of N95 masks for hospitals.
  • Is preparing to distribute a significant amount of hand sanitizer to first responders and tens of thousands of toys to children of first responders.
  • Paid for 16 funerals of first responders who died from COVID-19.
  • Will continue to support first responders for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Continues a 19-year mission funding millions of dollars in college scholarships benefiting hundreds of worthy children with first responder parents who have been killed or injured in the line of duty.
First Responders Children's Foundation

Even better, our Hog's Breath mask is super high quality consisting of antimicrobial treated polyester/spandex and it's made right here in the great United States. As such, you are supporting American jobs during this challenging time!

Our special edition of the 'Hog Wash/Call In CAS of Emergency' shirt features a new striking color combo that will go nicely with the Hog's Breath mask. If you missed out on the original offering, here's is your second chance, or if you just want to increase your warthog-inspired fashion end-strength, now's the time!

Whether it's the squadron's ready room or the local grocery store, show your love for everyone's favorite fire-spitting metallic dragon and help those who are holding it all together on our behalf in the process. 


Click these hyperlinks to Blipshift's store: "Hog's Breath" masks are $19 and "Hog Wash II" t-shirts are $22, or be in hog heaven with the discounted whole hog bundle for $37. Long-sleeves shirts and hoodies are available at an extra charge, as well as other shirt material options in the drop-down menu, so make sure to check those out too.

It's also worth remembering that just like all of our creations, these will be available for a limited time and it may be a long wait before they are seen again, if ever. In other words, the clock is literally ticking on these unique offerings. 

Seize the day!

Thanks so much for all your support and a huge thanks to all the awesome people that have been doing so much to make this crisis more bearable for all of us.

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