Celebrate The F-117’s Extended Service With This Tonopah Canyons Active Retirement Community T-Shirt

Tonopah Canyons: A safe and secure community for the granddaddy of stealth to live out its still remarkably active golden years.

byTyler Rogoway|
F-117 photo


It's one of the most intriguing stories in military aviation. Nearly a decade and a half after its official retirement and four decades after it first flew, Lockheed Skunk Works' F-117 Nighthawk's story continues on. Based out of the hangars that line the so-called 'canyons' at the same high-security and remote airbase where it began its service in the early 1980s, Tonopah Test Range Airport, F-117s are still flown by the 'Dark Knights' on adversary support 'red air' and test and developmental missions on a regular basis. After years of the Air Force largely keeping mum about its operations, the 'Black Jet" is even flying openly from other airfields now, as it serves as a stealthy threat for front-line aircrews and air-defense system operators to train against. It's an incredible way for the iconic jet to spend its golden years.

So, celebrate the world's first stealth combat jet's amazing legacy and what has become its very active retirement at its equally as enigmatic home with this 'Tonopah Canyons' T-shirt we cooked up with the mad-scientist apparel gurus at Blipshift.


The shirt features our spoof on an elegant retirement community logo — the Air Force could have sent the F-117 to other lesser retirement homes or had them put down permanently altogether, but instead, they gave their beloved Nighthawks the best shot at a fulfilling twilight to their storied lives at Tonopah Canyons.

The shirt also includes the control tower as well as the iconic rows of hangars at Tonopah, which make up the lovingly nicknamed 'canyons.' These were originally built to house the F-117s — ironically, in retrospect, the program was code-named SENIOR TREND — during its top-secret early operational years. 

The two rows of four sets of hangars at Tonopah Test Range Airport, referred to as canyons, is where the F-117 fleet existed during its top secret years and where it has since returned to in retirement. Roughly four dozen F-117s remain at Tonopah, the majority of which are packed into hangars with their wings detached. The fleet is slowly being disposed of, but a handful of F-117s could continue to fly for many years to come. , Public Domain/USAF/Google Earth satellite image

This is all set against a silhouette of the surrounding desert mountains, with an F-117 triumphantly streaking into the sky, just as the jets continue to do after all these years. Red, black, and white — the same colors that adorn the F-117s—was our color palette for this one-of-a-kind design.

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