About TWZ

The War Zone — also known by the shorthand TWZ — has become an essential resource for the defense industry, the national security community, and the interested public at large since it was launched in 2016.

From its early beginnings to the present day, TWZ’s purpose remains the same. 

The site stands at the nexus of military technology, strategy, and foreign policy. As a full-spectrum defense news and analysis website, TWZ covers the air, sea, land, space, and cyber domains of warfare, with an infusion of geopolitical context and technological analysis to offer readers deeper, yet easy-to-consume, insights than what they will find anywhere else. 

TWZ’s pioneering use of open-source intelligence is a key facet of the site’s reporting, especially on global conflicts and international technological developments. 

The site’s overarching goal is to make topics that can be extremely complex, deeply technological, and intertwined with threads that can span the national security ecosystem, not just understandable but as fascinating to the reader as we find them. TWZ’s unique editorial voice and writing style has been honed to accomplish this very challenging objective over many thousands of articles. 

TWZ is run by a highly motivated and agile editorial team, along with a curated group of contributors, who have an absolute passion for the subject matter and a deep understanding of the topics covered. 

Originally launched in partnership with The Drive, TWZ began operating as a stand-alone media brand in January 2024 under its new web address TWZ.com


Editor-In-Chief: Tyler Rogoway

Deputy Editor: Joseph Trevithick

Senior Staff Writer: Howard Altman

Staff Writer: Thomas Newdick

Associate Editor: Oliver Parken

Social Media Editor: Kyle Gunn

Head of Video Production: Joshua Gray

Business Operations 

General Manager: Mark Harper

VP, Client Partnerships: Katherine Pummill

Director, Client Partnerships: Phil Hladky

Head of Video Production: August Dannehl

For sales inquiries, please email: sales@wearethemighty.com


Chief Executive Officer: Andrew Perlman

SVP, Finance and Accounting: Alan Weissbrod

CTO: Dave Marks

VP, Commerce: Breton Fischetti

VP, Marketing: Alessandra De Benedetti

Director, Communications: Cathy Hebert

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