In CAS Of Emergency Grab One Of These Sweet A-10 Warthog T-Shirts!

We are officially announcing a new collaboration with our hugely talented friends over at Blipshift in which we conjure up some rad apparel based around the popular themes regularly discussed here at The War Zone. Our first limited time offering (and I mean limited!) features everyone’s favorite fire breathing flying pig, the A-10 Warthog—the ultimate close air support machine flown by the best close air support pilots in the world. It’s a very logical design! Check it out below:


Isn’t it BBRRRRRRRRTiful? 

Depending on the level of interest, we will be doing special addition apparel regularly. If you have any ideas for concepts you would like realized in wearable form, let us know in the comments section below.

And above all else, if you like what you see, please order a shirt and maybe another for a friend! 

You can do so by clicking over to the Blipshift here

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