Buying Our A-10 Warthog Masks Raised $18,180 For Those On The Front Lines Of The COVID-19 Fight

We want to thank everyone who pulled out their credit card and made this possible!

byTyler Rogoway|
A-10 photo


I am grinning ear-to-ear while writing this post. Thanks to all of your generous purchases of our A-10 Warthog 'Hog's Breath' masks and 'In CAS of Emergency' T-Shirts as part of our fundraiser for those on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19, we donated a whopping $18,180 dollars to the First Responders Children's Foundation. This far exceeded my expectations. On behalf of everyone from The War Zone and

The Drive, as well as our partners over at who pitched in heavily as well, I can't thank each and every one of you enough for taking part in this fundraiser. 

The A-10 mask became something of a little viral sensation and I know there are tons of people that wanted it, but missed the boat on the initial limited run. We may be able to do something about that in the future. Make sure to sign up to get a notification if we make more by clicking here

We have a new line of masks on the way that I am really excited about, as well. We'll let you know when that project comes to fruition.

Regardless, I just wanted to say again how thankful I am for everyone who participated. You allowed us to make an impact. You are all amazing.

Wear a mask!


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