The Warthog Mask Is Back Along With Our New Line Of Aggressor Inspired Masks For A Limited Time

Due to an avalanche of demand, we are bringing our Brrrttttiful ‘Hog’s Breath’ mask back for a limited time. Hundreds of people have put their names on a waitlist for another run and many others have contacted us to see if we could make it available again. Now, your wish is our command and we even went a step further. In cahoots with the mad apparel scientists over at, we are proud to present an additional new line of masks that are inspired by some of the most memorable and striking aggressor aircraft camouflage paint schemes of all time!

First off, let’s talk about our reissuing of the hugely popular ‘Hog’s Breath’ mask. You can get it here for $18 and we now have two mask options for this particular design, single layer or cotton-backed two-layer. All of our masks are proudly made in the USA. Oh, and there’s ‘one more thing!’ Buy one mask and you can get a second mask 20% off. In other words, if want a Warthog mask, but are also a huge fan of the legendary F-16N hotrod aggressor, you can buy the Warthog mask and get the F-16N mask at 20% off! You can do this over and over, if you like. All the masks are $18 without the deal.  


When it comes to our new aggressor line of masks, we went all out to create these beauties to match the spirit of the original paint jobs featured on a wide array of Air Force and Navy types. 

Here’s the rundown:

One of the most striking schemes flying today on any fighter is the splinter camouflage pattern that is flown on the 18th Aggressor Squadron’s Block 30 F-16C/Ds based up at Eielson AFB in Alaska. We have the design in both the ‘BDU’ and ‘Arctic’ varieties, just as they exist on the jets! Buy one or both here and here!


The ‘Blizzard’ scheme worn by some of the 64th Aggressor Squadron’s Block 32/42 F-16C/Ds is another sweet looking design that always draws a lot of clicks from photographers shooting Red Flag exercises at the squadron’s home, Nellis Air Force Base. Buy it here!


Now, a real crowd-pleaser is the ‘lizard’ scheme replete with red and yellow ‘bort number’ worn by Navy aggressor F-5E/Ns over the years. We have it in both the blue and the tan, just like VFC-13’s flight-line! Buy the blue here and the brown here


Now for my personal fav, the green splinter or ‘Viggen‘-inspired scheme that was worn by a couple of Topgun hotrod F-16Ns during the type’s short service life. Buy this gem here.


Last but not least, we have a really unique ‘littoral’ scheme that was used on at least one of VT-7’s TA-4Js in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Grab this tribute to the camouflaged ‘Scooter’ of days past by clicking here.

US National Archives

There’s the lineup! Which do you want to take for a spin… On your face? The good news is you can take all of them home at a big discount! All eight masks, including the Warthog, can be yours for a cool $120. That’s a huge saving. Never leave the house during the global pandemic without looking ready to turn and burn, baby!

You can check out all the designs at our storefront over at Blipshift linked here! And remember, like everything we do with Blipshift, these will only be available for a limited time. As it sits now, you have to just November 1st to get your order in!

As always, thanks so much for supporting what we do and looking great while doing it!

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