The US Air Force's unique X-62A test jet participating in a breakthrough dogfight last year while a fully autonomous mode against a crewed F-16.

AI Is Now Dogfighting With Fighter Pilots In The Air

The breakthrough in autonomous aerial combat made by the X-62 test jet is set to have far-reaching impacts well beyond dogfighting.

By Joseph Trevithick

1:31 PM EDT Apr 17

Mockups seen on the deck of the Chinese carrier Fujian

Deck Of China’s Nearly Complete Carrier Now Hosting Multiple Aircraft Mockups

The sight of mock fighters, a trainer, and an early warning and control aircraft on the Fujian gives a glimpse of its future air wing.

By Oliver Parken

8:09 PM EDT Apr 16

Israeli launch of a Shavit-2 with the Ofek 13 satellite

Could Israel Use Conventionally-Armed Jericho Ballistic Missiles To Strike Iran?

If conventionally-armed Jericho ballistic missiles do indeed exist, they could be brought out of hiding to retaliate against Iran.