China's first example of a new class of big deck amphibious assault ship, which may also be able to act as drone-focused light aircraft carrier, is continuing to take shape, and that shape is big.

China’s Type 076 Is Shaping Up To Be A Monster Amphibious Warship

From what we can see of China’s newest class of amphibious assault ship so far, its width may be its most significant feature.

By Joseph Trevithick

12:32 PM EDT May 29

In a major new development for the Ukrainian military, Sweden is to donate it Saab 340 airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft equipped with Erieye radar. The aircraft is being provided as part of Sweden’s biggest military aid package for Ukraine so far and they will bring an entirely new capability for the Ukrainian Air Force, providing much enhanced air and sea surveillance and working together with its forthcoming F-16 fighters.

Ukraine Getting Swedish Airborne Early Warning Radar Planes Is A Big Deal

The Saab airborne early warning and control capability will provide a massive, force-multiplying boost to Ukrainian air and maritime defense.

By Thomas Newdick, Tyler Rogoway

11:51 AM EDT May 29

Satellite imagery looks to show a recent Ukrainian strike targeted a prized Russian long-range radar system.

Prized Russian Long Range Radar System Attacked In Eastern Ukraine

The potential loss of a Nebo-M radar system would hamper Russia’s ability to detect and track aerial threats, including ballistic missiles.

By Joseph Trevithick

10:13 PM EDT May 28