While the situation is clearly still confused, multiple reports suggest that one or perhaps two Russian Navy vessels have been seriously damaged or destroyed in the latest Ukrainian attack on the Black Sea Fleet. The two vessels in question are the Project 22800 Karakurt class missile corvette Tsiklon and the Project 266M Akvamarin class minesweeper Kovrovets.

Rumors Swirl Around Attacks On Russian Black Sea Fleet Warships

A corvette and a minesweeper are reportedly the latest victims of the Ukrainian campaign targeting the Russian Navy in and around Crimea.

By Thomas Newdick

1:12 PM EDT May 20

Flourescent light and two metal doors - concrete bunker style. Lausanne Switzerland
Private jet registration can be hidden by FAA based on new bill.

Congress Has Made Fully Obscuring Aircraft Ownership Information A Reality

The FAA re-authorization bill will make it harder to learn who owns different aircraft and track where they fly to.

By Oliver Parken

8:56 PM EDT May 17