Show Your Love For ‘Stealthier Things’ And Help Gold Star Families By Grabbing This T-Shirt

The War Zone and our partners at are ecstatic to offer our long-in-the-works ‘Stealthier Things’ t-shirt and support one of the best causes in the process — putting much-needed light into the lives of Gold Star Families. These are military families that lost a loved one in the line of duty.

It’s often said that a serviceman or servicewoman’s whole family serves along with them. That couldn’t be more accurate. But some of those families bear incredible pain and hardship if their loved one pays the ultimate sacrifice.

They are all heroes and deserve everything we can give them.

That’s why, with the help of our esteemed comments section, we chose the incredible Gary Sinise Foundation and its Snowball Express program, in particular, to be our cause for this t-shirt sales drive. Snowball Express brings hundreds of Gold Star families to Disney World each year during the holidays.

We cannot think of a better cause for our site and audience as we fast approach the holiday season, which can be especially difficult for Gold Star Families.

Every damn dime The War Zone earns from these shirts is going to the cause. Blipshift is also pitching in on their end too. Our Warthog masks raised tens of thousands of dollars for first responders during the depths COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking to make just as big of a difference this time around, but we need your help!

That’s where our latest t-shirt creation comes into play. ‘Stealthier Things’ is a play on streaming’s most popular ‘spooky’ show while showcasing America’s most iconic stealth aircraft, many of which were also born from secret labs and developed into a mature state within the ‘upside down’ realm of deep classification.

The aircraft that served as technology demonstrators are seen on the bottom, tied into the logo, with the operational cadre flying high above it. The YF-23, Tacit Blue, Have Blue, and Bird of Prey are all there. As are the F-22, F-35, F-117, and RQ-170, with the sinister B-2 taking center stage in the ‘formation.’

Floating above all of it are two cryptic nods to stealth technology’s lore. The 5+1 stars is the iconography used by the military and its contractors to give a hat tip to the fact that secretive Area 51 was critical in an activity or a program’s development. This exists on various patches and even in the cockpits of aircraft that first flew out of the clandestine Groom Lake base. Then, high above it all, floats the sigma, which has long been associated with the measurement of radar cross sections — the driving focus behind stealth.

Just two examples of the cryptic iconography of the 5+1 stars and the sigma in the shadowy world of stealth technology. (US government insignia via Trevor Paglen)

The entire thing is an homage to stealth technology, those who made it a reality, and the amazing flying machines that are in its elite flying club.

The Stealthier Things t-shirt is available for $25. You can get yours by clicking over to here.

Hoodies, tank tops, and other t-shirt variations are also available. All come with the incredible quality and customer service that is so well known for. And, for the very first time for one of our apparel designs, we have a mug! So you can check the progress of your employees’ TPS reports in true War Zone fashion! Please note that apparel ships separately from the mugs and they have a separate shipping cost.

The mugs are $20 and you can grab them here

Like all our offerings, they are only available for a very limited time. The clock is already ticking down over at the listing on

We can’t thank you all enough for supporting this cause and grabbing a shirt and mug or two. The gift-giving season is right around the corner. This is one heck of a stocking stuffer for any military or aviation aficionado.

Let’s give some Gold Star Families the time of their lives this holiday season!

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