Celebrate B-21 Raider’s First Flight With This Ghostly T-Shirt

One of the most anticipated aviation events in recent memory came and went on November 10th when the B-21 Raider took to the skies for the first time. The big flying wing draped in gray looked like an apparition as it climbed out of Palmdale’s Plant 42 with little official fanfare. Now, to commemorate what is the most ghostly aircraft that is officially disclosed, and to celebrate a very stealthy holiday season this year, we introduce you to ‘Raider the unfriendly ghost.’

The opposite of Casper the Friendly Ghost’s affable disposition, the B-21 is not your buddy. It is the most advanced flying weapon ever created that will be able to haunt its enemies wherever they dwell.

This is our first double-sided t-shirt offering, with a sheet-draped Raider rising on the back to give those behind you a scare.

Like all apparel offerings we concoct with our buddies over at Blipshift.com, and like the B-21 itself, this beauty will only be visible for purchasing for a very brief amount of time. You have just one week before it drops off the radar.

Grab yours for $25 over at Blipshift by clicking here.

In keeping with the very stealthy holiday theme, we are also pulling a few of our favorite past designs out of the hangar for reissues!

Back by very high demand is ‘Silent Night.’ It’s a Christmas tree made out of stealth aircraft. How can you go wrong?

Also, we have tweaked the original design to reflect the B-21’s actual features. So that’s a win.

Grab one for $25 here.

The ornament was such a big hit, we brought it back as well.

$9 and it’s yours! Click here.

We are also bringing back one of my personal fav that was a huge hit last year, our ‘Tonopah Canyons’ send-up to the ‘actively retired’ F-117 Nighthawk.

It will set you back $25 and can be had here.

Finally, we have ‘Balloon Hunt.’ We rushed this shirt out after F-22s shot down multiple high-altitude objects over North America, including China’s big spy balloon in what was one of the most bonkers stories we have ever covered, and that’s saying a lot.

A play on everyone’s favorite Nintendo zapper game, Duck Hunt, this baby got a lot of attention, including from units involved with the spate of bizarre engagements last February.

$25. Hunt for it here.

I also want to say thank you so much for all the support for our last fundraiser shirt for the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Snowball Express. We raised over $12,000 for the cause and are finalizing things up so we can send the great folks over there a nice bit of holiday cheer in the form of a fat check.

Whether you buy anything today or not, I also want to say thank you so much for reading and sharing our stories, and participating in our community. We love what we do and are very fortunate to be able to do it. None of this is possible without your support.

Happy Holidays!

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