Tom Cruise’s Original “Maverick” Fighter Pilot Helmet From Top Gun Is Up For Auction

The helmet is part of a major auction of famous movie props with the auction house estimating that it will fetch around $50,000.

byJamie Hunter|
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A big virtual auction of genuine movie props will be held next month and one of the items up for grabs is Tom Cruise’s iconic “Maverick” flying helmet used in the 1986 Top Gun film. The Prop Store’s first event in Los Angeles will be a live auction held on August 26-27 and it will include over 850 incredible items from classic movies, including the most famous fighter pilot helmet of all time. 

As well as the “Maverick” helmet and accompanying oxygen mask, the auction includes a Darth Vader costume from a 1977 promotional tour for Star Wars, along with items such as Sylvester Stallone’s boxing gloves from Rocky, and much more.

In the first Top Gun movie, Cruise wore a customized U.S Navy-issue Gentex HGU-33 helmet with “Maverick” emblazoned across the visor-cover. The helmet was more than just a costume prop, Cruise and his co-stars wore individualized helmets during back-seat rides in the F-14 Tomcat during filming. Cruise likely had access to more than one of the helmets in case any were damaged. A number of Navy pilots also wore identically-customized HGU-33s for continuity, so it’s likely a few of these genuine items exist.

A U.S. Navy F/A-18F pilot wears a customized "Maverick" helmet during filming of Top Gun: Maverick in 2019., Jamie Hunter
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For the forthcoming sequel, Top Gun Maverick, Cruise switched to the modern HGU-55 helmet, featuring the same iconic stenciling and color design. A number of companies offer replica versions of both of these helmets, but this auction features the real deal. The helmet is expected to fetch around $50,000, but these estimates are often far below where the final bidding ends up.

Inside the helmet is written "MAVERICK - #1",

So, if you want an ultimate piece of Top Gun memorabilia in your home, or just want to go grocery shopping during the pandemic in style, this auction is not one to miss.

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