The Second Top Gun 2 Trailer Has Landed, Secret High-Speed Test Jet And All

The second Top Gun 2 trailer has arrived. In it, we get to see a lot more of what many of us military aviation nerds are most excited about, aerial footage! The good news is there appears to be a substantial amount of it. The bad news is some of the set pieces look a little cheesy, even for the Top Gun franchise. We’ll have to wait to see how all of it plays out on the screen when the film opens this Summer. 

One thing that was a surprise is we got a glimpse of the high-speed test aircraft Mav flies during a sequence in the movie. It looks very SR-72-ish. Also, it is awesome they shot that at NAWS China Lake. It hasn’t been the most Hollywood-friendly place in the past, unlike its Air Force counterpart, Edwards AFB. The Navy test base was hit hard by a series of earthquakes last Summer and it still needs billions of dollars in repairs. This will give team China Lake a nice little morale boost. 

Overall, it looks like an amazing love letter to the Super Hornet. Boeing must be elated!

Anyway, check out the trailer for yourself below. 

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