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Congress Pushes Back On Stunning Navy Plan To Cut Destroyers, Cruisers, Subs, And More

The U.S. Navy could scale back purchases of new destroyers, attack submarines, frigates, cargo ships, as well as retire early a number of cruisers and littoral combat ships, under a new budget plan taking shape in the Pentagon. The ostensible goal of the proposal is to free up funds for other shipbuilding efforts, including new fleets of unmanned surface and undersea vehicles, but the service is already finding itself in battle with Congress over funding priorities before it has even finalized its pitch.

Navy Eyes Yet Another Arleigh Burke Destroyer Variant After Warship Plans Hit Snags

The U.S. Navy says that it is considering purchases of a new derivative of the Arleigh Burke class destroyer that is even more advanced than the up-coming Flight III versions. This comes the service admits that it might not even begin buying its future Large Surface Combatants, or LSCs, which it expects to replace its Arleigh Burkes and its Ticonderoga class cruisers, until 2026.

Everything We Know About The Near Collision Between U.S. And Russian Warships In The Pacific

The U.S. Navy Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Chancellorsville and the Russian Navy’s Udaloy-class destroyer Admiral Vinogradov almost had a near collision in the Philippine Sea earlier today. Pictures and video show the two ships coming dangerously close to hitting each other and the Navy says Chancellorsville had to fully reverse its engines to avoid a serious accident.