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Japanese Shipbuilder Pitches Amphibious Assault Ship For Country’s Growing Marine Forces

A Japanese shipbuilder has unveiled a design for a future landing helicopter dock amphibious assault ship, or LHD, that it plans to pitch to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, or JMSDF. Though the Japanese government has not publicly expressed an interest in such a vessel, this pitch comes as the country is working to expand its maritime and amphibious capabilities, with particularly notable plans to modify its Izumo class “helicopter destroyers” to support robust naval aviation operations that will include detachments of F-35B Joint Strike Fighters.

Jetpack Inventor Goes Zipping Between Royal Navy Boats In Open Water Tests

In what looked like a scene straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, the Royal Navy recently teamed up with Gravity Industries’ founder Richard Browning to help his test his Daedalus jetpack over open water for the first time. The U.K. Ministry of Defense has been working with Browning and Gravity Industries for more than a year now amid something of a broader revival of interest among major military forces, including the U.S. special operations forces community, in jetpacks and similar personal flying systems.