Joseph Trevithick

Deputy Editor, The War Zone

Joseph has been a member of The War Zone team since early 2017. Prior to that, he was an Associate Editor at War Is Boring, and his byline has appeared in other publications, including Small Arms Review, Small Arms Defense Journal, Reuters, We Are the Mighty, and Task & Purpose.

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The Defense Innovation Unit has put out a call for proposals for low-cost "interceptor" drone boats that can operate in swarms to at least find and shadow targets of interest at sea.

Drone Boat Swarm Vision Laid Out By DoD

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Feb 1, 2024

Video has emerged that looks to show the large intact remains of a Ukrainian R-360 Neptune cruise missile that is said to have washed ashore in Russia.

Ukrainian Neptune Cruise Missile Lands In Russia Largely Intact

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Jan 29, 2024

An Navy E-6B Mercury 'doomsday' plane was recently spotted with what appeared to be heavily-weathered exterior paintwork.

E-6B ‘Doomsday Plane’ Looks Like It’s Been Through Armageddon

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Jan 26, 2024

SpaceX's new 737NG aircraft.

SpaceX Appears To Be Flying This Slick Looking 737

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Jan 25, 2024

Northrop Grumman has disclosed a loss of nearly $1.2 billion on the B-21 program, which it blames on inflation and other broader economic factors.

Northrop Grumman Loses A Billion Dollars On The B-21 Program

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Jan 25, 2024

Defense contractor Anduril has formally announced that it is one of five companies working on the US Air Force's Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) advanced drone program.

Anduril Is Helping The Air Force To Develop Its Loyal Wingman Drone

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Jan 25, 2024

California Air National Guard MQ-9 Reaper drones were prepared to sink a rocket booster with Hellfire missiles after a test in December, but it slipped beneath the waves on its own.

MQ-9 Reapers Were Ready To Blow Up A Rocket Booster Off California

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Jan 23, 2024

Israeli Merkava Mk 3 tanks have recently begun emerging with improved defensive features against drones and improvised explosive devices that use magnets to stick the hulls of armored vehicles.

Israeli Merkava Tanks Get Improved Anti-Drone, Magnet Bomb Defenses

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Jan 22, 2024

Flight testing of the B-21 Raider at Edwards Air Force Base in California is now underway.

B-21 Raider Flight Testing Now Underway

By Howard Altman / Published Jan 17, 2024