Live Fast, Die Young: The Story Of The Navy’s F-16N

In the first feature video on our new YouTube channel, we explore the fascinating history and legacy of the Navy’s hot-rod F-16N.

byTyler Rogoway|
The history and legacy of the Navy's F-16N
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2024 has already been a massive year for TWZ, and now I can finally say, with great excitement, welcome to TWZ's YouTube channel!

Mirroring the first story ever published on this site eight years ago nearly to the day, our inaugural feature video is on the fascinating history and legacy of the Navy's hotrod adversary Viper, the F-16N.

Enjoy Live Fast, Die Young: The F-16N Story:

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YouTube is such an exciting extension for us and doing a channel to accompany the site has always been something we really wanted to make happen, but it had to be done right. Just ticking the box to say "check us out on YouTube" would never do. The hardest part of jump-starting a TWZ channel was finding the right person to produce our videos and lead the video endeavor. I finally found just that in Joshua Gray.

Joshua served in the United States Air Force where he did tours with Combat Camera and the Thunderbirds, among other assignments, and went on to a career in television news production and with the VA. I am absolutely thrilled he has joined our team, and boy is he a fit! Just the weekend after he started, he jumped in to assist in our rolling coverage of Iran's barrage on Israel. And no, that is not part of his job description.

So a big warm welcome to Joshua Gray, our head of video!

Just like this website, TWZ YouTube will always be experimental. It will morph and grow over time. What it looks like today won't necessarily be the same as tomorrow, but we are so excited with what 'block one' of our creation looks like, and it only bodes well for the future.

As it sits now, you can expect a feature video each week posted on Tuesdays direct to the channel and featured here, as well. We are also doing some fun video shorts for abbreviated, highly visual topics you may have already seen.

We really need all of you to be a part of this new enterprise, just like how you are such an integral part of this site. Please comment on the videos, both below in our comments section and in the discussion on YouTube, and reach out to us with any and all topic ideas, tips, pointers on things you like about what you are seeing and gripes about what you don't like. We are constantly learning and the curve will be steep early on, so bear with us.

The bottom line here is that we couldn't have built this place without you and 'TWZ TV' will be no different.

We are adamant that TWZ YouTube will fully reflect the site that it emanates from, they are one and the same. Oftentimes a YouTube channel can take on a different mood and even a separate subject matter than its parent site. That may work great for some outlets, but we never want that to be the case for TWZ. Josh is an integral part of our editorial team, and as the channel grows and we add more people to his operation, they will be too.

Just reaching a whole new audience with our content is really a thrill. So much of what we do just gets stolen and/or replicated poorly on YouTube already, so we certainly see a huge place for what we do here in the YouTube ecosystem. Also, delivering visual storytelling to our existing audience here on TWZ is something I have always wanted to do and so many of our loyal readers have requested it over the years and given critical input that inspired the format you will see today. It's fun to be able to both tell and consume a story in a different way.

Above all else, we are just so happy to share our passion for the topics and subjects we cover via a new medium. Nobody on our staff punches a clock. This entire operation is a passion project. The day it stops being that is when we know it's time to hang up our spurs.

Thank you all for your support that allows us to do what we love.

Now, go enjoy the video!

Tyler Rogoway


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