Two T-38 Talons Involved In Deadly Incident On Laughlin AFB’s Runway (Updated)

One pilot has died, another is in critical condition, and another suffered no major injuries as a result of the mishap.

byTyler Rogoway|
United Kingdom photo


An incident occurred at Laughlin Air Force Base, one of the Air Force's master training installations located in Texas, this morning at around 10:00 AM local time. At the time, information about the incident was nearly non-existent. We knew an accident of some sort occurred on the runway at the base and that it had involved two aircraft, but that was about it. Now, I am so saddened to report, we know that one pilot died and another is in critical condition at a nearby hospital as a result of a mishap involving a pair of T-38C Talon jet trainers. Thankfully, another aviator walked away without major injuries.

We really don't have any details we can add at this time as to what caused such a tragedy. The Air Force training community, especially the T-38 component of it, is no stranger to mishaps, including those involving multiple aircraft. Just two years ago, a fatal collision between two Talon trainers landing in formation resulted in a pause to formation terminal flight operations. It is not clear if those restrictions are still in place at this time.

We will update this post once more information comes available. Our deepest condolences to the loved ones and teammates of those involved.


Laughlin AFB has announced the deceased pilot as 2nd Lt. Anthony D. Wentz. A 23-year-old student pilot. 

Images have emerged on social media showing the accident scene:

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