We Are Getting A New Submarine Action Flick, For Better Or Worse

I love a good submarine flick, and pretty much our entire commentariat does too. The last worthy one I saw was 2014’s grossly underappreciated Black Sea starring Jude Law—who gave an incredible performance by the way. But that was a gritty, smaller-scope film that was as much a psychological thriller as it was a set-piece action romp. Come this October, the plot pendulum is set to swing massively in the opposite direction and Gerard Butler, Common, and Gary Oldman take on Russia below and above the waves in Hunter Killer.

Gary Oldman brings a lot of cachet to this film, but it still may end being far more Olympus Has Fallen than Crimson Tide. Regardless, it will feature some iteration of modern submarine warfare and a plot that is likely designed to play on our present-day geopolitical anxieties. 

Take a look at the preview and let us know what you think:

This brings me to an idea that is worth floating—no pun intended. Now seems like the perfect time for a Hunt For Red October sequel. Sean Connery is still willing to work and Alec Baldwin has had a major career resurgence. But beyond the major players, considering the time in which we find ourselves, one of great submarine warfare expansion that is dominated by changing technologies, not to mention the West’s spiraling relationship with Russia, means the plot really writes itself. The movie could actually make a valuable point if it dared to, as well.

But in the meantime, we will get Hunter Killer. If anything else it should be good for a few corny laughs and some fun visuals. But maybe, just maybe, it will surprise us and offer at least a partially quality take on modern submarine combat and the geopolitical intrigue that goes along with it. 

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Tyler Rogoway


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