This Air Force Spoof On MTV Cribs Offers A Great Tour Of The C-5 Galaxy

Take a humorous tour of the gargantuan flying beast that is the C-5 Galaxy.

byTyler Rogoway|
C-5 photo

The C-5 Galaxy is one gargantuan flying machine. You really don't know just how cavernous the aircraft is until you have been inside of one. The folks over at Airman Magazine went about doing just that in a creative way. In a spoof of MTV Cribs, we get a guided tour of the C-5 with a bit of humor thrown in. But above all else, the video offers a really good top-to-bottom look at the layout of these huge cargo jets. 

It's amazing how the C-5 captures peoples' minds. To this very day, I get a steady stream of email from readers that just want to ask me if I knew the C-5 had a full airliner-like cabin above the rear cargo hold. People seem to find it to be a crazy feature, especially considering that you would have no idea that it exists by looking at the aircraft from the outside. Yet there it is, and all but the rocket-carrying C-5Cs were built with this feature. 

The C-5 is extremely complex and expensive to maintain and operate, even after it received a major upgrade, including new engines, in the form of the C-5M. But its capabilities are irreplaceable for the USAF. You can read all about what it is like to fly the C-5 from a pilot's perspective in this previous special feature of mine

Just one anecdotal personal experience I had with the C-5 that captures its unique heavy lifting abilities—a USAF Special Tactics squadron was loading up on a C-5 to head to Hawaii for some extensive training. I asked the officer that was overseeing the operation if they were happy to get a C-5 for the trip. He said that they were elated, with the difference being that instead of two or even just one C-17s, where they would have to repack up all their gear in pallets and then unpack everything once there, while also having to acquire vehicles to tow their boats and to get around at their destination, the C-5 allows them to just load up their trucks with their trailers full of gear attached. Once at their destination, they simply roll off in their own vehicles and get right to work! 

Tyler Rogoway/Author

With just 48 upgraded C-5s in inventory—roughly half that of just a few years ago before the fleet was drastically downsized and consolidated—the USAF has been looking to add a number of Galaxies back into the inventory. The jet just has special abilities that C-17 doesn't and they remain in high demand. That paired with an availability rate hovering in the mid 60 percent range makes such a small fleet even more heavily taxed. 

As for the whole MTV Cribs knock-off, it's not the first time it's been done by any means, and the military seems to have a unique knack at building out good content with these types of reality-based TV show spoofs. This one showing off living conditions for Marines deployed on an amphibious assault ship—USS Bonhomme Richard I believe in this case—is pretty good and serves as a reminder of what life is like for Jarheads deployed at sea.

But just the fact that the C-5 is big enough to do a credible Cribs spoof is indicative of its crazy size. 

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