How Can The War Zone Blast Off To New Heights?

It’s amazing how time flies, especially when you spend your days writing about fighter jets and missiles. The War Zone is almost two and a half years old, but it feels like I wrote my first post under its banner yesterday. What we have built here together is truly a unique place in so many ways, some of which can hard to convey to our readership. It has been a wild, challenging, at times frustrating, but overall an incredibly enjoyable ride and with any luck, we will be making some much needed and exciting improvements soon that should take the site to another level.

But before any of that happens, I want to ask our readership what they think. What stories do you like or dislike? What topics do you think we should cover more often? What about any specific stories or recurring segment ideas? How do you think video should be leveraged in what we do? What about changes to the layout of our homepage? Are there any writers you like that you think would be a good addition to our team? What subject matter experts would you like to see us include as contributors if not full-time writers?

What I am not looking for is a breakdown on discreet tech issues the site might have, we are well aware of those and we are hoping they will be fixed soon. What I am seeking is feedback on editorial so I can integrate those ideas with my vision for a new and much-improved iteration of ‘TWZ’ as many of us call it.

Let’s discuss!​

I greatly appreciate your help here and in making this place truly special on a daily basis. Our discussion section is a remarkable place in particular and has proven capable of taking on the most challenging topics with poise and tolerance of a wide array of opinions. Last, but certainly not least, all the leads that I get via a multitude of channels are indispensable. I couldn’t produce this site without them! Thank you!

So let ‘er rip! Let’s make this place better together.

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Tyler's passion is the study of military technology, strategy, and foreign policy and he has fostered a dominant voice on those topics in the defense media space. He was the creator of the hugely popular defense site Foxtrot Alpha before developing The War Zone.