There Was Literally An Elephant In The Room At This Indian Military Installation

This is one wild video, literally. Apparently, a crafty pachyderm broke into a nursing officer’s mess on a military installation located in Binnaguri cantonment, India. The area, which is close to the border with Nepal, is known for its free-roaming wildlife, and especially for its cobras that can pop-up in very inconvenient places. But having a big elephant rummaging through a dining hall seems to be an extreme wildlife encounter even for this place. 

The video is pretty crazy and the whole thing is eerily reminiscent of a series of famous scenes from Jurassic Park, with the eerie lighting definitely adding to the fear factor. 

One can’t help but wonder how the elephant got in there in the first place, but it certainly gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘elephant in the room.’

These giant creatures once served in highly prominent military roles within India dating back thousands of years. They acted as everything from logistics nodes, to construction animals, to heavy cavalry. You can read all about war elephants in this past article of mine.

Hopefully, the elephant made it out of there safely. They are incredibly intelligent and that siren going off, people yelling, and finding itself confined in that space couldn’t have been a pleasant experience for the big guy. 

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