The Army’s New M10 Booker: Deploy Fast And Carry A Big Gun

The M10 Booker aims to revolutionize how U.S. Army light infantry units fight. It will have the ability to deploy rapidly aboard C-17 cargo jets right alongside the troops it was designed to support. Unlike the far heavier and slower to deploy M1 Abrams, the M10 will be an asset organic to light infantry units, regularly training alongside these agile forces. And while the Abrams excels in taking on other main battle tanks along the forward edge of a fight, the M10 is about taking out armored personnel carriers and other combat vehicles, as well as bunkers and fortifications, on demand for forward-operating light infantry.

Just don’t call it a light tank to the Army though, even though that is pretty much what it is.

Dive into the capabilities of the M10 Booker and its fascinating roots, as well as some of the questions surrounding its relevance, in our latest video feature. You can also check out our past feature on the M10 Booker and what it’s all about here.

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