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Russia Is Eying More Armed Icebreakers After Launching Missile-Toting Arctic Patrol Ship

A Russian shipbuilding industry official says that the country’s plans for fleets armed icebreakers, such as the Project 23550 Ice class corvettes, are growing and that they may be able to carry more even weapons depending on their exact configuration. This comes nearly three weeks after the launch of the first Project 23550 ship, the Ivan Papanin, which will already be able to carry containerized cruise missile launchers and may ultimately have a 100mm main gun, instead of a 76mm one as originally planned.

Behold America’s New And Desperately Needed Heavy Icebreaker

After years of back and forth, the U.S. government has finally issued a contract to VT Halter Marine for the U.S. Coast Guard’s first new heavy icebreaker in decades. These ships are absolutely critical to the United States continued ability to conduct operations in ice-filled waters, especially in the increasingly strategic Arctic region.

This Is Russia’s Warship Built Specifically For Arctic Fighting

Much has been made about America’s so-called “icebreaker gap”—Russia has roughly 40 with many more in production while the US has one that is operational—and we have talked extensively about how the frigid arctic is likely to be a contested territory and battlefield of the future. But Russia isn’t just building more icebreakers or ice capable logistics ships, they are also building fighting ships that can go independently where few other surface combatant can, and carry much heavier firepower while doing so.