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Here Are The Pentagon’s “Tough Choice” Cuts To Airpower As Part Of Its 2021 Budget

The Pentagon has released its latest budget request, covering the 2021 Fiscal year, which includes approximately $705 billion in planned spending. This is $13 billion less than the U.S. military asked for last year, but still relatively close in terms of overall expected funding. Given this drop in funding, senior U.S. military officials have said that they had to make tough choices, especially in the planning for various military aviation programs, which are traditionally big-ticket items in the annual defense budget.

Air Force General Says His Planes Are Keeping An Eye Out For North Korea’s “Christmas Gift”

The United States has stepped up aerial intelligence gathering around North Korea, including using a newly modified RC-135V Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft. This comes amid threats from the regime in Pyongyang to send the U.S. government a “Christmas gift,” very likely in the form of a long-range ballistic missile test.