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Delivery Of Newest America Class Amphibious Assault Ship Delayed Over Technical Issues

Huntington Ingalls Industries had revealed that it will deliver the next America class amphibious assault ship, the future USS Tripoli, to the U.S. Navy later than expected, with the commissioning date potentially getting pushed back into 2020. The shipbuilder cited unspecified technical difficulties as the reason for the delays.

Here’s the USMC’s Plan for ‘Lightning Carriers’ Brimming With F-35Bs

The USMC wants to be able to deploy between 16-20 F-35Bs to its amphibious assault ships, turning them into so called “Lightning Carriers.” The new America class (LHA-6) flattops, which do not have a well deck and are more focused on aviation capabilities, could field nearly two dozen of the 5th generation jump jets under the concept.