Commemorate NORAD’s Great Balloon Hunt With This Duck Hunt Inspired T-Shirt

Nobody, and I mean nobody, saw the Chinese Spy Balloon story, or the subsequent great balloon hunt over North American airspace that saw the downing of three additional objects, coming like The War Zone and our readers did. To commemorate this absolutely bizarre series of events, we and our Blipshift partners began our own hunt for a t-shirt design that would truly get your game on. The result pays homage both to recent events and to what was for many of us a favorite game of the Nintendo Entertainment System era — Duck Hunt.

Blipshift/The War Zone

Our shirt is a send-up to the game’s famous cover, featuring a balloon-killer F-22 Raptor streaking across the sky instead of a duck in flight. We included a NORAD call-out for ‘owning’ the balloon hunt mission, and we also swapped in an AIM-9X Sidewinder — a balloon hunting fighter’s weapon of choice — for the NES light gun ‘Zapper’ for good measure. And most important of all, we see our target bursting into little pieces as a result of a successful engagement.

Who can forget these icons? Nintendo

So, unholster your credit card out of your wallet like a Zapper, blow it off like you would a finicky NES cartridge, and hit start on one or two of these beauties now, because, like the Chinese Spy Balloon, their presence will only be fleeting. You have just over 11 days to take a shot at one of these babies before they fly away.

T-shirts are $22, but if that duck isn’t worth a trigger pull, we also have multiple other options, including long-sleeve shirts and tank tops.

You can order them over at our partner Blipshift’s website linked here.

And for a bonus trip down memory lane regarding the inspiration for this shirt, check out the video below!

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