F-22 Raptor Grounded By Swarm

Undoubtedly the swarm’s victory tasted sweet.

byTyler Rogoway|
U.S. Homeland photo


In June, one of the most capable air-to-air fighters in the world, an F-22 Raptor based at Langley AFB, was grounded by a swarm of honey bees. The bees were drawn to the Raptor’s thrust-vectoring exhaust nozzles, covering a good portion of the upper left-hand petal. 

The 192nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron called in retired Navy veteran and local bee keeper Andy Westrich to relocate the honey bees to a more acceptable home. He donned his gear and vacuumed the bees right up, solving the problem for all involved, including the bees.

Now just watch out for those Super Hornets!

Honey bees commandeer one of an F-22's exhaust petals., USAF
Navy veteran and pro bee keeper Andy Westrich removes bees from a F-22., USAF
Navy veteran and pro bee keeper Andy Westrich removes bees from a F-22., USAF
Lt. Col. Catherine Jumper, 192nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander, presents Andy Westrich with a coin for his work freeing the Raptor of its bee infestation.

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