You Have To See The Rest Of This Shot Of An F-22 Tearing Across A Stormy Chicago Skyline

The epic image shows an F-22 rocketing past Hancock Tower as it pours vapor due to some very moist conditions.

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U.S. Homeland photo


The Air Force's highly popular F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team was is in Chi-Town last weekend for the Chicago Air And Water Show and they didn't disappoint. The spectacle takes place along Chicago's famous waterfront, and the locale is somewhat legendary for offering amazing views of aircraft blasting by skyscrapers as they approach show center. In fact, I have done an article on just this in the past. Last weekend saw some wet air move through the Windy City, which can lead to incredible atmospheric effects as jets tear through it. No American fighter sucks the moisture out of the air to produce 'vapes,' 'capes,' and 'streamers' like the F-22A Raptor. 

Case in point, the photo below.

Peter Adreani via the F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team

The photo shows a Raptor hauling past Hancock Tower at transonic speeds, with all types of vapor emanating off the stealthy jet's tails and fuselage. Of course, under such moist conditions, once hard maneuvering in thrown in the mix, the F-22 begins to 'molt':

USAF F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team

You can read all about how and why vapor is formed by aircraft under certain conditions and how the F-22's little brother, the F-35 Lightning II, is also becoming well known for its ability to produce thick 'vapes' in this past article of ours.

The F-22 bringing its own weather system during a performance over NAS Jacksonville in 2017. , Staff Sgt. Eric Summers Jr.
The F-22 bringing its own weather system during a performance over NAS Jacksonville in 2017. , Master Sgt. John Gordinier

Despite the heavy weather, ABC7 shot what parts of the show that went on from atop a highrise, including the F-22 demo. It is a unique perspective, to say the least!

Fast forward to 1:50:42 if the video doesn't advance automatically:

Video thumbnail

If you have never seen the F-22 demo, you are missing out. It is awesome to behold. I have seen it countless times, but it still impresses the hell out of me. 

Below is the team's schedule. You might still have time to catch a demo before the season ends. And don't be discouraged or disappointed if the weather for the show isn't so sunny, the secret is that the best demos with the most vapor happen when the weather is at its worst!

USAF F-22 Raptor Demo Team

UPDATE: Another one from the Raptor Demo Team!:

Peter Adreani via the F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team

Author's note: The photos were actually taken by photographer Peter Adreani and shared by the F-22 Demo Team. We updated our post to reflect this. Also, make sure you check out more of Peter's work here. 

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