This Video Of MARSOC Marines Undergoing Tactical Driving Training Is Intense

The road is a dangerous place for America’s special operations soldiers.

byTyler Rogoway|
U.S. Marine Corps photo


The decade-old Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) is centered on a relatively small cadre of special operators trained in a wide variety of tactics and specialties. But two things that any special operations soldier is likely to face on a modern battlefield is engaging or evading threats on the road, and the need to use their rifles and pistols with precision in that environment.

This is where elaborate tactical driving and precision shooting training courses come in to play. They give MARSOC operators, plus many other special operations personnel from all US military branches as well as agencies like the Secret Service, a chance to refine these skills in very realistic scenarios—often including live fire.

The video below, posted by US Special Operations Command, shows exactly what these training operations look like. They include roll-over familiarization drills, vehicular snatch-and-grab and individual-apprehension tactics, and how to blast away accurately through a car windshield, among many other tactics.

This is not your average police offensive driving course, folks:

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