First Photos Emerge Of F/A-18E Super Hornet In Blue Angels Paint

The team is slated to transition to the Super Hornet for the 2021 air show season.

byTyler Rogoway|
F/A-18 photo


With the Navy's Flight Demonstration Team's transition from the Legacy Hornet to the Super Hornet coming in hot, we have got our first look at an F/A-18E in the Blue Angels' iconic blue and gold motif. 

Our friends at had the scoop first, in which they noted that the jet shown was one of the same F/A-18E models painted-up in the special 'Maverick scheme' for Top Gun 2 before it was draped in its new navy blue attire. Make sure you read's entire post that also has the images in question linked here. You can see another set of images of the painted up Super Hornet in the tweet below:

The original plan was for the Blues to transition to the Super Hornet between the 2020 and 2021 seasons, but with air shows now being canceled for some time, a move that could now last through the entirety of 2020, we may see them attempt to speed up the transition, or at least allow for more time to see it through. 

The team is set to receive 18 Super Hornets, some of the oldest in the fleet, which will be modified into the Blue Angels' unique configuration. The team's routine is also being modified for the new jets' unique performance. You can learn more about these alternations to the planes and the team's routine in this past post of ours. 

The Blue Angels are also set to start flying their new (at least to them) C-130J transport to fill the beloved 'Fat Albert' role any time now. The acquisition of a totally new set of enhanced mounts for the 2021 season was set to be historic for the team, but there is the chance that the pandemic could keep the 2021 season from happening as planned, too.

Regardless, it will be great to see the team's spiffed-up Super Hornets in the air, which looks to be something that is going to happen very soon.

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