Unwrap These Ten Insanely Awesome Viral Aviation Videos This Christmas

We are going to stick a bunch of ridiculously sweet videos of aircraft doing amazing stuff in your stocking.

byTyler Rogoway|
A-4 photo


Well, Santa's hypersonic sleigh is about to launch this Christmas eve on the big fella's annual long-endurance sortie. As such, it's time to sit back, relax, pour some eggnog, and enjoy a curated set of the most fascinating aviation videos that have hit social media recently. 

Glorious Catshot

Maybe the best clip of a catapult shot to date and the perfect video to get us started off. 

Fights On

Rhinodrivr is no stranger when it comes to viral videos. This one of him tearing it up in a dogfight shows how physical the fighter business can get. 

Scooters Down On The Deck

Draken International's A-4Ks ripping past a FREMM frigate. Note the cockpit upgrades and the A-4's crazy roll-rate at the end. 

Typhoon Muscle

An amazing display of the Eurofighter Typhoon's thrust to weight ratio: 

Hornet On The Edge

My nerves were racked just watching this. Yellow Shirts absolutely rule. 

Composite 777 Landing View

A unique look at instruments and the view out the front of this 777 as it sets down on a brilliantly lit runway at Kuwait International. 

Chasing The Basket

Aerial refueling helicopters is NOT an easy thing. This Pave Hawk chases the basket on an HC-130J as it buzzes Patrick Air Force Base. 

Diving In Formation With Human Wingmen

Is this awesomely nuts or what? The wingsuit is an amazing creation. 

Super low altitude tanking, bombs dropping, supersonic flyby, oh my!

Osprey Flaremageddon

You get a flare! And you get a flare! And EVERYONE gets a flare!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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