Glitzy Video Takes You Aboard The Late Paul Allen’s Octopus Mega Yacht

Just a couple of months ago we wrote a piece about the late Paul Allen’s beloved mega-yacht Octopus. Even though the vessel is 15 years old, it remains arguably the most elegant and smartest mix of utility and luxury anywhere on the high seas and is packed with exotic features, some of which are commonly relegated to military vessels. The 414 foot Octopus is now up for sale for $325,000,000 as part of a grander initiative to liquidate many of the Microsoft co-founder’s most lavish, but prized possessions. Even though photos and videos have leaked out over the years, nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever shown this famous vessel in such gorgeous detail like a recent marketing video to support its sale. Now peasants like us can finally get a better understanding of just how amazing this vessel and all the vehicles it carriers truly are.

 Step aboard Octopus for a “whole new perspective”:

As you can see, you don’t only get an iconic mega-yacht for your $325,000,000, you also get your own little air force and navy, including the custom submarine Pagoo built by ISE Ltd. The video is full of firsts, including a clear view of what the interior of Pagoo looks like, and it doesn’t disappoint. Imagine diving down and taking in the world below through those giant bubble portholes! 

Octopus is truly a very luxurious The Life Aquatic realized. 

Make sure to read all about the Octopus, its accomplishments, and its many features in our previous post and let us know what interesting stuff you spotted in the video in the comments below.

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