Watch This C-130J Make An Incredible Flare-Popping Musical Flyover Of Sydney For Australia Day (Updated)

Historically, when it comes to flyovers, the Royal Australian Air Force is tough to beat. Their F-111s were famous for their amazing ‘dump and burn’ maneuvers and since their retirement, the other aircraft in the RAAF’s stable have increasingly pushed the envelope to fill the void, often times with spectacular results. Case in point, this gorgeous and incredibly well-timed flyover of Sydney Harbor for Australia Day, in which a RAAF C-130J dumps a huge string of flares in an arching pattern right at the crescendo of the Edvard Grieg‘s booming “In the Hall of the Mountain King” with the iconic Sydney Opera House sitting in the foreground. 

There couldn’t have been a better soundtrack or setting for this dramatic and memorable moment:

In recent years, RAAF C-130s have really used their flare popping abilities in creative ways to wow crowds for different events across the land down under. With just a dozen Super Hercules tactical airlifters in their inventory, the aircraft are always a welcome surprise at big public gatherings. 

Royal Australian Air Force C-130J during a low-level training sortie. , RAAF

Although fighters like RAAF Hornets, Super Hornets, and Growlers often steal the limelight, the ‘Super Herc’ can put on one hell of a display all by itself. This twin C-130J flare drop from Australia’s big Avalon Air Show in 2017 is a downright spectacular example of this:

Well done RAAF, well done.

Update: 10:00pm PST—

The RAAF just posted another view of its awesome Australia Day flyover:

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