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Canadian Destroyers Had These Totally Wacky Sea Sparrow Missile Launcher Systems

The Iroquois class’s Sea Sparrow missile system was slow to deploy, time-consuming to reload, and was limited in its ability to quickly react to incoming threats. Pretty much all the attributes you don’t want for a point air defense system.

Is The U.S. Navy Missing The Boat By Not Including The Type 26 In Its Frigate Competition?

As the U.S. Navy gets closer to issuing the final request for proposals for its future frigate competitor, or FFG(X), one particularly notable hullform, BAE System’s Type 26, has largely been absent from the discussion. It seems particularly curious given that the British-designed ship is well on its way to becoming one of the most popular designs in its weight class among America’s allies, with 32 examples in various configurations on order for the U.K. Royal Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, and the Royal Canadian Navy.