USAF Looks To Retire The F-15C Eagle And Replace It With Upgraded F-16s

The startling news came during the House Armed Services Committee hearing on the current state of the Air Force. Chairman Joe Wilson asked right out of the gate about the USAF plan to retire the F-15C/D fleet and replace them with F-16s. The subject of the question itself seemed to be big news to the committee with Congresswoman Vikki Hartzler asking about what upgrades the F-15C/D was going to be getting so that it could meet modern threats, obviously the answer is not many if the jets are going to be retired in the relatively near term. Eventually the floor was passed to Representative Martha MacSally—an A-10 pilot herself and one of the most outspoken voices about the USAF’s dismal and misleading plan to retire the A-10. She is among the most credible voices when it comes to air combat on The Hill, and she seemed shocked by the news, and the USAF’s answer as to what would replace the Eagles.