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Air Force F-16s Are Getting Pylons With Built-In Missile Warning Sensors And Countermeasures

The U.S. Air Force is buying new Israeli-made infrared missile warning systems for Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard F-16 Viper fighter jets. The aircraft will carry these infrared warning sensors on specialized underwing pylons that are also capable of accomodating decoy flare and chaff dispensers and electronic warfare jammers.

Thousands Of Army Bradleys Don’t Have The Power To Use New Active Protection Systems

The vast majority of the U.S. Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicles cannot be fitted with a new Israeli-made active protection system for one simple reason, they cannot generate enough power to operate it. The service is in the process of upgrading a number of Bradleys to a new configuration with an auxiliary power unit that will enable them to carry the Iron Fist Light system. At present, however, it expects to leave most of these armored vehicles in their existing form in favor of developing an all-new replacement design, a program that has recently hit major hurdles, leading to the cancellation of a planned competition.

British Streetfighter II Tank Has X-Ray Vision And Is All About The Urban Fight

The British Army recently showed off a new concept for a Challenger 2 main battle tank optimized for urban operations, dubbed Streetfighter II. The vehicle has an Israeli-made IronVision distributed vision system, which allows the crew to see in all directions even while riding inside with all the hatches closed and a mock-up of a launcher for the increasingly popular Brimstone anti-tank missile on top of the turret.