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Russian Submarines Getting Countermeasures That Jam Sonobuoys Dropped By Enemy Aircraft

Russia is reportedly working to equip certain classes of submarines, especially ballistic missile-armed types that form the core of its second-strike nuclear deterrent capabilities, with new expendable electronic warfare jammers. These are primarily meant to help protect the boats from sonobouys by preventing them from transmitting data to maritime patrol aircraft and anti-submarine helicopters flying above.

Air Force F-16s Are Getting Pylons With Built-In Missile Warning Sensors And Countermeasures

The U.S. Air Force is buying new Israeli-made infrared missile warning systems for Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard F-16 Viper fighter jets. The aircraft will carry these infrared warning sensors on specialized underwing pylons that are also capable of accomodating decoy flare and chaff dispensers and electronic warfare jammers.

The F-35A Is Set To Finally Get Chaff Countermeasures To Confuse Enemy Radars

U.S. Air Force is hoping to integrate a new, advanced chaff countermeasure onto its F-35A Joint Strike Fighters next year, according to a report. The cartridges, which release radar reflective material to blind and confuse enemy aircraft and air defenses, are a staple across many of the service’s other combat aircraft, but have been curiously absent from the stealthy F-35’s otherwise extensive defensive suite.