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Check Out The Crazy Radar That Lies Beneath The MC-130H Combat Talon II’s Gonzo Nose

The U.S. Air Force’s 1st Special Operations Wing has released video footage of various routine maintenance on an MC-130H Combat Talon II special operations transport that includes a look inside the aircraft’s nose at its powerful AN/APQ-170 radar. The AN/APQ-170 offers robust terrain-following and terrain avoidance capabilities that all but two of the newer MC-130J Commando II’s lack, a glaring issue the War Zone has reported on in detail in the past, which is why the Combat Talon IIs remains in service at all nearly a decade after the type’s original sunset date.

USAF MC-130J Spec Ops Transport Flies Through Taiwan Strait With U.S. Spy Plane Nearby

A U.S. Air Force MC-130J Commando II special operations transport made a rare trip through the highly sensitive Taiwan Strait today, flying along the so-called “Median Line” that serves as the de facto boundary between Taiwan and mainland China. There was a variety of other interesting military aerial activity in the area around the same time, including an RC-135W Rivet Joint spy plane flying what appeared to be an intelligence-gathering operation just to the south and still unidentified aircraft flying an orbit within the Strait itself.

Behold An MC-130J Spec Ops Transport With Its Badly Needed Terrain Following Radar Installed

Lockheed Martin has released a video showing one of the first MC-130J Commando II special operations transports equipped with the Raytheon AN/APQ-187 Silent Knight terrain-following/terrain avoidance radar. The U.S. Air Force plans to upgrade the entire Commando II fleet to this new configuration in the coming years, giving the planes a nap-of-the-earth flight capability that is essential for performing their special operations missions, but which they have lacked since their introduction nearly a decade ago.