Confusion Swirls Over Leaked Notice Of American Withdrawal Of Forces From Iraq (Updated)

There is no official confirmation yet, but reports are emerging that the U.S.-led coalition ostensibly fighting ISIS has begun preparing to withdraw from Iraq. This follows a meeting between Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller earlier today in which the Prime Minister reportedly asked the United States to start these preparations following a vote the day before in Iraq’s parliament ordering the expulsion of American forces from the country.

A Higher-Risk US Strategy to Rout ISIS From Mosul Emerges

The U.S. Army is sending hundreds more troops to help with Iraq’s ongoing campaign to liberate Mosul from Islamic State. Meanwhile, U.S. special operators have moved to the front lines in the urban fight and are trying to blend in as they work with their Iraqi counterparts deep within the city. These are just some of the indications the White House has and continues to develop new polices in the fight to exterminate ISIS from the war-torn country.