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Here’s The Air Force’s Questionably Ambitious Plan To Develop New Fighters In Five Years

The U.S. Air Force’s top acquisition official has given new details about an ultra-ambitious plan to push defense contractors to design and build new fighter jet designs at a rate of once every five years. It’s a concept that is completely reversed from how the U.S. military has handled its latest fighter jet program, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and one that faces its own not insignificant challenges in producing viable results.

F-15C Eagle’s New Infrared Search And Track Pod Spotted At Huge Exercise In Alaska

The U.S. military’s biannual Northern Edge exercise is in full swing in Alaska and a picture has emerged showing an F-15C Eagle taking part in the drills while carrying a Lockheed Martin Legion Pod equipped with an infrared search and track sensor, or IRST, which offers the pilot an important additional way for to identify and track other aircraft at long range. The Air Force doesn’t expect this system to reach initial operational capability until next year, but its no surprise it has appeared at this drill, which has long served as a valuable opportunity to test new advanced aircraft and systems.