Air Force Sends B-1B Bombers To Saudi Arabia Amid U.S. Military Buildup In The Kingdom

The U.S. Air Force has deployed an unspecified number of B-1B Bone bombers to Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, which appears to be the first time the service has deployed these aircraft or any other heavy bombers to that country. This comes two weeks after the Pentagon announced plans to establish a full Air Expeditionary Wing at this base as part of a buildup in Saudi Arabia following unprecedented cruise missile and suicide drone attacks, linked to Iran, on two major oil-related sites in the Kingdom last month.

Air Force Just Tested Its Big Backup Plan If Its Air Ops Center In Qatar Gets Attacked

The U.S. Air Force shut down its nerve center for air operations all the way from the Middle East to Afghanistan for a day, and had airmen in South Carolina take over the management of those activities, as part of an extremely important exercise over the weekend. The decision to test this ability to shift responsibility to a command center in the United States came amid increased tensions with Iran following unprecedented suicide drone and cruise missile attacks on Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Air Force’s growing concerns, in general, about the vulnerabilities of known bases to enemy attacks in any major conflict.