Bunker Talk: Let’s Talk About All The Things We Did And Didn’t Cover This Week

Welcome to Bunker Talk. This is a weekend open discussion post for the best commenting crew on the net, in which we can chat about all the stuff that went on this week that we didn’t cover. We can also talk about the stuff we did or whatever else grabs your interest. In other words, it’s literally an off-topic thread.

The caption to this week’s top shot reads:

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – MAY 11: At the interior entrance to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex headquarters for NORAD two military personnel exit the administrative area May 11, 2004 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Constructed during the Cold War period in 1958, NORAD (North American Aerospace Command) was responsible for external air, missile and space defense. Since September 11, 2001, it now watches 7,000 aircraft per day within the US NORAD covers each aircraft’s flight pattern including contingencies for the US President’s flights and landings. NORAD coordinates with civilian authorities and works with the Pentagon, federal, state and local authorities. Canadian military officials make up 10-15 percent of NORAD’s 326 total staff. NORAD works with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) but is not part of DHS. The personnel work at 7,000 feet inside a granite mountain. Two 25-ton security doors seal the inside offices from any type of attack. NORAD has a self sufficient survival system with independent water and air supplies. (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

Also, a reminder:

Prime Directives!

  • If you want to talk politics, do so respectfully and know that there’s always somebody that isn’t going to agree with you. 
  • If you have political differences, hash it out respectfully, stick to the facts, and no childish name-calling or personal attacks of any kind. If you can’t handle yourself in that manner, then please, discuss virtually anything else.
  • No drive-by garbage political memes. No conspiracy theory rants. Links to crackpot sites will be axed, too. Trolling and shitposting will not be tolerated. No obsessive behavior about other users. Just don’t interact with folks you don’t like. 
  • Do not be a sucker and feed trolls! That’s as much on you as on them. Use the mute button if you don’t like what you see.  
  • So unless you have something of quality to say, know how to treat people with respect, understand that everyone isn’t going to subscribe to your exact same worldview, and have come to terms with the reality that there is no perfect solution when it comes to moderation of a community like this, it’s probably best to just move on. 
  • Finally, as always, report offenders, please. This doesn’t mean reporting people who don’t share your political views, but we really need your help in this regard.

The Bunker is open!

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