Joseph Trevithick

Deputy Editor, The War Zone

Joseph has been a member of The War Zone team since early 2017. Prior to that, he was an Associate Editor at War Is Boring, and his byline has appeared in other publications, including Small Arms Review, Small Arms Defense Journal, Reuters, We Are the Mighty, and Task & Purpose.

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The US Coast Guard says it plans to award a sole source contract to buy an existing commercial icebreaker.

Coast Guard Poised To Buy Badly Needed Private Icebreaker

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Mar 4, 2024

The Air Force has very publicly shown pictures of a live AGM-183A hypersonic missile under the wing of a B-52H bomber on Guam despite previously announcing plans to end program.

B-52 Armed With Hypersonic Missile Makes Appearance In Guam

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Mar 1, 2024

As part of the announcement of the first flight its new XQ-67A drone, the Air Force has shared new information about its Off-Board Sensing Station program and revealed the existence of a companion Off-Board Weapon Station concept.

The XQ-67A Has A Secretive, Higher-Performance, Deadly Cousin

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Feb 29, 2024

General Atomics' XQ-67A drone, built for the Air Force's Off-Board Sensing Station (OBSS) program, has made its first flight.

XQ-67A Off-Board Sensing Station Drone Has Flown (Updated)

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Feb 29, 2024

The US Army has announced major planned changes to its overall force structure that includes a significant boost in air and missile defense capacity with a focus on counter-drone and counter-cruise missile capabilities.

Huge Boost To Army’s Air Defenses Planned In New Force Structure

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Feb 28, 2024

The next version of the famed Little Bird helicopter for the US Army's elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment has reportedly been dubbed the MH-6R.

New Night Stalker Little Bird Helicopters Now Dubbed MH-6R (Updated)

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Feb 27, 2024

German special operations forces are set reportedly set to become the first military operator of a variant of the HK 433 rifle.

German Special Ops To Be First HK433 Military User: Report

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Feb 27, 2024

A Ukrainian Bradley on display for propaganda

Captured Ukrainian M2 Bradley Paraded On Russian Propaganda Train

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Feb 26, 2024