Howard Altman

Senior Staff Writer, The War Zone

Howard is a Senior Staff Writer for The War Zone, and a former Senior Managing Editor for Military Times. Prior to this, he covered military affairs for the Tampa Bay Times as a Senior Writer. Howard's work has appeared in various publications including Yahoo News, RealClearDefense, and Air Force Times.

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USS Dwight D. Eisenhower sails in the CENTCOM AOR

Retaliation Strikes On Houthis May Be Imminent (Updated)

By Howard Altman / Published Jan 11, 2024

USS Columbia's X-shaped aft section seen on the move.

First Look At Columbia Missile Submarine’s X-Shaped Stern

By Howard Altman / Published Jan 10, 2024

Chinese satellite launch rattlesTaiwan.

Chinese Rocket Launch Rattles Taiwan

By Howard Altman / Published Jan 9, 2024

Houthis unleashed a drone boat in an attempted attack on Red Sea shipping.

Drone Boat Used In Attempted Red Sea Attack

By Howard Altman / Published Jan 4, 2024

Ukraine is facing a major shortage of artillery ammunition.

Ukraine Situation Report: U.S. Aid Funds Have Run Out

By Howard Altman / Published Jan 3, 2024

A dozen nations have issued a warning to the Houthis to stop attacking Red Sea shipping.

Joint Warning To Houthis: Cease Attacks Or Face Consequences

By Howard Altman / Published Jan 3, 2024