Conan O’Brien Touts “Fan-TASTIC!” New F-35 Spot

President Trump’s new-found love for Lockheed’s controversial super-fighter gets lampooned by Team Coco.

byTyler Rogoway|
F-35 photo


Conan O'Brien is no stranger to military-related humor, and President Trump's seemingly sudden and extreme fondness for Lockheed's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter caught his attention. The result of which is this spoof Lockheed spot showcasing the company's "Fan-TASTIC" product.

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The F-35 debate has actually spurred some pretty awesome real ads. This series of Boeing commercials that ran in Canada were especially creative. 

Meanwhile, the F-35 publicity push continues with the first F-35As arriving on export customer Australia's turf this week. The jets, which flew across the Pacific from Luke AFB, will be displayed at Avalon, Australia's largest air show. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stated the following about the jet during their arrival:

"It is an example of how our defense industry plan is not simply securing our Air Force and our Army and our Navy with the capabilities they need to keep us safe in the 21st Century but it is driving the advanced manufacturing, the jobs, the advanced technology that Australians need to make sure our children and grandchildren have the opportunities in the years ahead."

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Australia is prepared to spend roughly $17 billion on 72 F-35As, with the first jets being formally delivered to Australia in 2018 and full operational capability expected as early as 2020.  

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