The War Zone Email Newsletter Has Finally Arrived

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byTyler Rogoway|
The War Zone Email Newsletter Has Finally Arrived


After five and a half years, I am finally so excited to announce the launch of our newsletter! 

The War Zone Wire will be helmed by our Managing Editor Brian O'Rourke, and to start, we will be publishing it weekly, although like everything here at TWZ, it will be experimental in nature. We will adapt and evolve it over time to make it as great as possible for our readers. The first issue will be coming out tomorrow, October 21st, so make sure to sign up if you haven't already!

So what should you expect? We look to provide a nice round-up of stories you may have missed throughout the week, not just from us, but also from some of our colleagues at different outlets. Oh, and there will be a good splash of awesome imagery sprinkled on top. For those who join our newsletter community, we will also be introducing a new capability in the coming weeks to alert you when something major is happening — such as our unparalleled rolling coverage on major crises or when we drop a huge exclusive feature. This function will be used very sparingly — it will never be abused. We will only alert you when we have absolutely critical to share or exclusive information to alert you to. More on this in the weeks to come. 

Our door is open to ideas as to what you would like to see in our newsletter. Let us know in the comments below or shoot us a note at our email addresses, also below, any time.

As always, thank you so much for continuing to read and share our stories, taking part in our always lively discussions, and sending us great leads on important stories. You make this site what it is as much as us.

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