Bunker Talk: Let’s Chat About All The Stories We Did And Didn’t Cover This Week

We can talk about aerial refueling mishaps, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Crazy KC-135 mods, strategy, space guns—you know, no big whoop.

byTyler Rogoway|
Bunker Talk photo


Welcome to Bunker Talk. This is a weekend open discussion post for the best commenting crew on the net, in which we can chat about all the stuff that went on this week that we didn't cover. We can also talk about the stuff we did. In other words, it's literally an off-topic thread.

Considering the news that most of us are glued to, be respectful. Wishing anyone death via COVID-19 will get you booted. Stick to policies and facts regarding the campaign, any garbage inflammatory political meme hit and run shitposts will get zapped. 

Keep it classy or take a hike! 

The Bunker doors are swinging open. 


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