Bunker Talk: We Are All In The Bunker Now Edition

There’s so much to talk about. This is a hard time for so many. We all need to do our part. That includes remaining connected with one another.

byTyler Rogoway|
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If you aren't a reckless and selfish moron, you and your family are keeping to themselves at home. It is incredibly disappointing seeing so many not taking this nightmare seriously when the evidence of what could be right around the corner is literally on the news every night. It doesn't look good at this point. As always, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. 

A huge shout out to the soldiers fighting on the front lines of this growing war. The nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers who are risking their own lives to save others. Amazing to watch. Nothing I say can do it justice. You guys and gals are fantastic. Also, to all the grocery checkers and stockers who are working around the clock amongst the public to make sure everyone has the supplies they need to get by. Man do they deserve credit. Sadly, I think we will see why in the days to come. 

There are so many others to be appreciative of, as well. We are being asked to sacrifice so little to make their reality a little bit more bearable and to help slow the spread of this thing so that more lives can be saved. Literally, we are talking about the sacrifice of sitting on your couch and watching television, getting caught up on work or some reading, and spending time with your family. That's it. Yet it is far too much to ask for some. I find it truly sickening. After this is over we need to take a hard look out our culture and just how toxically spoiled some of us have become. 

My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their jobs in the blink of an eye. So much uncertainty lies ahead, losing your income on top of it would be devastating. We must help these people. The federal government needs to write checks to them, the little guys already left behind, not to people with jobs. 

Let's talk about it. 

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The Bunker doors are slowly swinging open—oh wait, you are already probably inside! 


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