B-1B Wows Oshkosh Crowd With Epic High-Speed Afterburner Passes At Dusk

It’s that time of year again! The Experimental Aircraft Association’s mega Airventure air show and fly-in is underway in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and as usual the USAF has shown up in force. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Air Force’s founding, and the 75th anniversary of the mighty 8th Air Force. With this in mind, Oshkosh planners have worked with warbird operators and the Air Force to execute a number of commemorative flyovers, including one with a B-1, B-2, B-52 and all the prominent WWII bomber types. But yesterday’s twilight portion of the show kicked off the week with a bomber spectacle to behold in itself. 

A B-1B took to the evening skies over Wittman Regional Airport on Wednesday for its demonstration, which is always a sight to see and a racket to hear. But due to the low-light and moist air, the display took on a unique atmosphere. The “Bone” tore the sky apart with its thunderous GE-F101 turbofans and hurtling mass of swing-wing glory. At times the big jet was almost totally engulfed in vapor “capes” with its glowing and crackling afterburners sticking out the back, adding to the drama significantly. 

Our good friends over at the marvelous Airshowstuff.com were there as usual to capture the awesome spectacle as only they can. It’s their pictures and video that adorn this article. Make sure you check their site out andtheir Youtube channel is also a must click.

Patrick Barron/Airshowstuff.com
Patrick Barron/Airshowstuff.com
Patrick Barron/Airshowstuff.com

If anything, the B-1’s visceral routine is one hell of an opening act for what will likely be remembered as “bomber week” within the annals of Oshkosh lore. 

We’ll keep you posted as to how it all unfolds. 

Ryan Sundheimer/Airshowstuff.com

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