Trump Seems Unimpressed As French Military Marching Band Slays Daft Punk Cover

POTUS gave a stern look as France put on an audible display of one of its most popular exports.

byTyler Rogoway|
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There were some awesome sights and sounds to behold during France's Bastille Day celebration, and the President of the United States Donald Trump was there alongside French President Emmanuel Macron for much of them, including this great display showcasing one of France's most popular exports, Daft Punk.

A composite group made up of various French military bands put on the spectacle, belting out the Robots' signature single "Get Lucky" as the highlight of a broader medley. It was a jovial and creative moment, although an untraditional one, for such a parade, and the band's energy and the song's up-beat pop groove was not lost on the crowd or the French President. 

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President Trump on the other hand sat expressionless with a stern look on his face. Maybe he isn't a Daft Punk fan, or was confused why such a pop song would be played by a military band during the Bastille Day parade. Either way, it was an odd comparative movement for cameras who cut back to the two world leaders repeatedly. But forget the politicians, these guys and gals in uniform did a great job with their rendition of the mega hit.

The flyover for the parade was also pretty spectacular. With the Patrouille de France, USAF Thunderbirds, and a pair of F-22s kicking it off. The Thunderbirds and the F-22 will be performing across the Channel at the Royal International Air Tattoo this weekend. 

Here are some snaps and tidbits from the aerial display:

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