Boeing Needs New Names For Its Advanced Super Hornet And Eagle Fighters

Citing how substantially different the newest F-15 Eagle and F/A-18 Super Hornet offerings are from their predecessors among other reasons, Boeing is looking for new names for both of its iconic fighter jet product lines.  

The latest Super Hornet derivatives have had multiple names over the years, including Advanced Super Hornet, International Roadmap Super Hornet, F/A-18XT, and Block III Super Hornet. The newest iteration of the F-15 has also had a similar smattering of names, along with the unique designations given to the configuration each country buys, such as Saudi Arabia’s F-15SA, Singapore’s F-15SG and Korea’s F-15K etc. 

Maybe most famously was the still-born stealthy-ish F-15SE, otherwise known as the Silent Eagle. But it’s with the Saudi purchase of the F-15SA that the Eagle got its latest makeover, and Boeing is looking at spring boarding some of its advances into new upgrade configurations, like the F-15 2040C—not the most sexy designation for a jet fighter—as well as selling new-build airframes based on the F-15SA design. 

The USAF already calls its F-15C/Ds that are slated to receive a series of significant upgrades allowing them to stay in service until 2040 “Golden Eagles.” So that name is taken, that is unless the USAF moves forward with its plan to nix the F-15C/D Eagle fleet and replace the jets with upgraded F-16s. As for the latest iteration of the Super Hornet, Wasp or Yellow Jacket seems almost too obvious. 

What do you think would be good names for these 4.5++ generation fighters? Let’s discuss in the comments section below.

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